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The year 1971 found 30 year old Don Ray working for heavy truck manufacturer International Harvester. He decided to take a leap of faith and listen to God’s calling to open a small transportation business. Don and his wife, Louise, did just that. As they continued working their day jobs they started their small business out of the back of their home. Don, Louise and one other driver began picking up units from a local motor home manufacturer. They stored these units on a small, rented lot. These units were stored by the Rays for dealer pickup since Don had no legal authority that would allow him to transport the motor homes from the manufacturer to the dealer locations as a for-hire motor carrier.

As time progressed Don met a friend for life. This friend was an attorney who eventually helped Don and Louise Ray realized their dream of owning and running their own federally licensed transportation business. In 1973, they received their federal motor carrier operating authority and founded the corporate enterprise named Don Ray Drive-A-Way Company, Inc. in Decatur, Indiana. The operating authority allowed Don and Louise to deliver motor homes to dealerships across the country. It was Don’s emphasis on quality that distinguished Don Ray Drive-A-Way and set it apart from its competitors. What started as a “mom and pop” business grew rapidly. Don eventually created dispatch offices and commenced operations to Chico, California; Paxinos, Pennsylvania; Riverside, California; then finally in Elkhart, Indiana. During the years of expansion, Don insisted on and succeeded in maintaining outstanding quality. His philosophy was enshrined in the phrase that has guided the company through the years “TRANSPORTATION HOUSE OF QUALITY”.



MCDONOUGH, GA (August 1, 2022) – Bennett DriveAway, a division of Bennett Truck Transport, LLC (Bennett) is pleased to announce the expansion of its services with the asset purchase from Don Ray Drive-A-Way, Company, Inc., a Decatur, Indiana-based company, which has specialized in the delivery of motorized and towable units for many years.  The assets acquired are primarily the experienced driver force; a network of facilities; and the knowledgeable sales, operational and office employees who support the driver force and its customer base.

“For more than 35 years, Bennett DriveAway has led the industry in providing safe, on-time pickup and delivery of all types of vehicles. This is the first acquisition in Bennett DriveAway’s history, and it was a great opportunity for us to be able to expand our operations. With the acquisition, we will gain 150 drivers with experience in this industry,” said Tom Woodall, President of Bennett DriveAway.

Don Ray DriveAway’s day-to-day operations, as a division of Bennett, will continue from the Decatur, Indiana office. Zac Bolen, General Manager of Don Ray, will lead this office. Louise Ray, wife of the late Don Ray, will also remain an integral part of the day-to-day operations at the Decatur, IN office during the transitional period. In addition, the satellite offices in Nappanee, IN, Bristol, IN, and Redlands, CA will remain open.


“Our company has been in the transportation industry, specifically the recreational vehicle industry, for decades. We are excited for the future of Don Ray DriveAway division of Bennett. As a small, family-owned business, it is great being a part of another family-owned business that shares some of our same core values and has a long history in the transportation industry, like we do. This partnership will allow us to serve our customers at the highest level by having access to additional resources through a larger organization,” said Zac Bolen, General Manager of Don Ray DriveAway Division.

Danny Lowry, Vice President of the Bennett Family of Companies, adds, “We are excited with the addition of Don Ray DriveAway. This opportunity will allow us to reach more customers. We look forward to expanding our transportation reach and scope in the industry.”

For more information about Bennett DriveAway, visit www.bennettig.com/driveaway/.

About Don Ray Drive-A-Way Company, Inc.
Founded in 1973, Decatur, Indiana-based Don Ray Drive-A-Way Company has delivered over 49 years of service by transporting motor homes, straight trucks, travel trailers and fifth wheels across North America and Canada. For more information, visit www.drdaway.com.

About Bennett DriveAway
Headquartered in McDonough, GA, Bennett DriveAway is a division of Bennett Truck Transport, LLC, one of 12 operating companies affiliated with the Bennett Family of Companies, a WBENC certified, diversified transportation services company. Bennett DriveAway is an industry-leading transporter of towable RVs, light and heavy-duty vehicles including city transit buses, motor homes, straight trucks, tractors, tractor-trailer combinations, utility trucks, airline ground support equipment and other rolling stock. For more information, visit www.bennettig.com/driveaway/.